Monday, September 15, 2008

After Ike Update...

Well hurricane Ike came with a lot of power and left all of us a lot of damage, no electricity, no water and us a little shaken!! The main thing is that we are ok.

Friday night we put the girls on a pallet in our master closet and Schuyler and I watched TV and listened to the storm come in until the power went out around 3:30 am, then we were just listening to the wind and trees snap and fall outside!!! I thought the chimney was going to be ripped off the house when I heard it creaking from the wind. I think the darkness outside and inside made it even more scary! After all was said and done we had no house or car damage. We were one of lucky ones. There are tons of trees down, trees on houses, houses flooded, and so much more damage. Being a little north of Houston I guess we thought the worst would be no power but man I was wrong! It was pretty intense for a few hours. I also heard that my sisters house was cut in half by a tree but they were not home. It is pretty bad around hear. It broke my heart Saturday when we went to my parents to check on them and we had to dodge so many trees down over the roads and power lines and seeing the houses torn apart or trees on them, but not only to see that but from the back seat of the truck I heard Skyler start crying....when asked what was wrong she said "It makes me sad to see Texas like this".... :o( Isn't that sad? Totally broke my heart. I am so glad that we didn't have damage but I feel so bad for the people who did. I can't imagine how it is at the gulf/Galveston area. :o(

Saturday night after the storm had passed we brought the camper to the house and are using it with the generator to run the AC and the electricity in the camper and the fridge in the house, but I feel so guilty when I see our neighbors who don't have anything! We ran an extension cord over from our generator to one neighbor and let them borrow a big box fan. But, there are so many around us who don't have anything and it has been HOT outside and you can't even shower to cool off or wash off! speaking of a shower.... No.. we have no water pressure. We have enough of a trickle to fill up the toilet after you flush but it takes forever. I finally broke down and bathed myself and the girls in the tub that I filled up Friday before the storm. It was SO COLD!!! But I am much more refreshed and a lot less sticky!!! As for power and water...I am hearing a few weeks in our area but I am hoping that is not the case.

I have taken some pictures but can't post them at this time and will later. Hope everyone else is ok. If you were not effected by this storm please keep our area in your prayers.


The Jaspers said...

Glad you guys are doing good!!! And made it through the storm!!