Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We don't like Ike!!!

We are now on day #5 with no power or water. But on a good note...all 4 of us were invited to take some much needed baths and showers at one of Schuyler's co-workers lastnight and we took full advantage of that. Have you seen my kids legs and feet lately? Me either...they were covered in so much dirt. They were starting to look like homeless children. HA! This week with no TV and no AC to play indoors they have spent so much time outside, which is a good thing but it makes for some DIRTY KIDDOS! :o) As for Schuyler and I, we LOVED our showers... I must have stood under the warm water for about 5 minutes before I even started to wash. It was such a nice and welcomed treat.

Ok a little venting now...It stinks not having power and water but it is part of life when a hurricane hits. I am so sick of people gripping about the electric company not having all of us up and running. Seriously people!!! Come on!!! There were 2.2 MILLION people without power and they have restored around 1.1 MILLION!!! I heard trucks came in from all over the country to help including some that drove 2 days straight from Canada....give them some credit. They are also working around the clock. Mother nature hit us hard and the crews are working as hard as possible to get us all fixed ASAP. I do not know any of the workers personally but I have heard that many of their own families don't even have power yet. So the next time you curse them think about that....we should all be praising them and their efforts. I think we should all stop and thank them as we see them out working for us.

As for the lady I know who hasn't heard from her son...she still hasn't. Keep praying for them.

As for us....we will be fine...well until we run out of clean clothes and I have to learn how to use a washboard! HA! Take care!


jeanna said...

I am so glad to hear that you guys are okay. My parents are good and have electricity now. I am praying for you guys. It really makes us thankful for all that we have as far as comforts go when they are taken away for a short time.

The Rodee Family said...

I did wash some clothes by hand. My neighbors came over and were like, "How did you wash clothes?!" haha! I guess they forgot that you could wash clothes without a washing machine! It gave me something to do on that first day of the "cold" front.