Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Happy Days

This past week and weekend was so nice! We were able to relax quite a bit and spend a lot of family time together. We enjoy softball but we're glad it's over for a while since we felt so rushed during weeks.
With Turkey Day coming soon, planning our trip to Mississippi, the girls working on their Christmas Wish Lists, it getting colder outside, decorating the house and Skyler's 1st grade musical this week, we are all starting to get excited about the holidays! Therefor, I have dubbed this time (between Halloween and Thanksgiving) as Happy Days since it is not yet officially "the holidays" but still needs a feel free to use it! Here are a few pictures from our Happy Days.
We took Casey (the new dog) a dog park and she LOVED IT! She played so good with all of the other dogs. It was funny to watch them all play like big kids. :o) We have been blessed with Casey, she has been a great fit for our family and a wonderful addition. When adopting a dog from the animal shelter you never know what you gonna get but she has been really good. Not one single accident in the house which is awesome, she doesn't run off when she gets out the door of the house, she just stays in the front yard or follows you around, she is so easy with the girls...we have caught Madison pulling up her lips and looking at her teeth and Casey just sitting there happy to have the attention, also Madison will sit and lay on her like she is a pillow or a horse and Casey actually looks like she enjoys it. Casey even follows the girls around and wants to sleep in the same bed with Madison soooo bad. We have force her out of Madison's bed all while Madison is begging me to let her stay. :o) So sweet.
Madison enjoying her Skeleton sucker.

Madison in the tub making her "famous" silly face! This picture reminds me of when I was younger..."Your face is gonna get stuck like that" Ok...I admit...maybe it was just yesterday when my mom last told me that, but who keeps track of time? :o)

Madison, Skyler and friend Savanna in the tub. I am not sure why water is poring out of Skyler's mouth but I am sure she was having fun.

This week we also enjoyed the company of Schuyler's grandparents. They were able to stay the night and their great-grandma Maida entertained the girls with their favorite past time...reading books....(over and over and over) :o)

This is just an example of what Skyler's home work and her writing looks like. She is learning so much in 1st grade and doing so well. She is reading at a level 14 and she is expected to be at a 6 at this point and her teacher said her handwriting is the best in the class..I just love talking about it because I am soooo darn proud of her! Now...if we can only get her to stop being so sensitive & overly softhearted.

I hope everyone had a good week and weekend. Or shall I say...I hope you are having wonderful Happy Days!!!


jeanna said...

I think that tag for the in between of the holidays is very clever. Your girls look like they enjoy the bath just as much as my kids do. All I have to say is "Noah, bath!" and he will come running from wherever he is.

The Rodee Family said...

Go Skyler.. homework looks great! What pretty handwriting!

I'm feeling the rush as well. I guess it's coming no matter how prepared (or not prepared) we are! So much to do in such little time!

Courtney said...

Love the "happy days" theme, I will probably start using it as well! Madison is too cute in her curls. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! One day when I come to visit my family for an extended trip, we'll have to get together!