Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Through Skyler's Eyes

Skyler has always wanted to be able to "type stuff" on my website so I decided that she can have a blog/journal of her own. I will of course monitor and approve all messages that she posts on there and help with spelling but for the most part it will be all her's.
I had a journal as a kids and my mom still has it. Skyler loves reading it and laughing at me....I was a little older than her and had a huge crush on a boy who some of you may still know...Nick Bialas. :o) HAHA...times have sure changed.
~ is her blog.


Lisa said...

That is a very neat idea for her to have her own blog. Great for her self-esteem. I left her very first message. Have a great Turkey Day. Hope we see you guys at Christmas time. Lisa Stolle

Courtney said...

Nick?? Ha,ha!! Did you guys ever end up dating?? I know that he dated Jeanna (for about a day!). That's too funny and brings back fun memories! :)

The Bente Family said...

Ha!!! Oh the secrets of a diary!! I think the blog for Skyler is a good idea. An English teacher's dream, starting writing at an earlier age! WooooHooo. Have a great Thanksgiving.