Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Raiders

Skyler's team the Red Raiders are doing really good. Skyler has certainly improved from last season and we are so proud of her. The parade went pretty well but it still is not a parade without candy being thrown. The local police will not let us throw candy anymore for safety reasons. So the crowd just looked like they thinking "what a lame parade". But the girls had fun.

We tried to make it festive and accessorize.....big earrings, a high pony tale that was actually upside down french braided in the back, a bunch of red, black and white bracelets, one black sock and one white sock and then as we were loading in the car....I looked at her and thought.....oh my goodness, she looks like an 80's rock star! Oops....but she was cute. :o)
The coach's son Stoney (not on our team) and Skyler were born the very same day a few hours apart. Now they are super best friends. Here is a picture of the two of them and after showing is mom she said "oh, we can show it at their wedding". Not something I want think about.


Anonymous said...

OMG she looks so big!!

<3 Crystal