Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The update of all updates

This has to be my longest update. I just haven't found time (until now) to upload pictures. So here goes....

Saturday before Easter the girls and I went with our dear neighbor and her daughters to Incredible Pizza for some Easter egg hunting and games. We had a blast and I am so glad that we went. thanks Tonya for inviting us to tag along.

Madison would would not leave the poor bunny alone
Madison egg hunting...I must say...for her age group she was pretty fast.
Skyler waiting for her age group to be let in for some hunting
She landed on bonus on a machine and won 125 tickets..this picture doesn't show her true excitement because she wanted to run and spend her tickets and I wanted to take a picture. HA!
Then we were off to my uncle Donnie's house for some crawfish. Here is Madison and my niece playing in the dirt.
Some of the kids at the party.
We have some totally awesome neighbors...they woke up around 5am to put eggs in the yards around their house. (the ones who have little ones) This is what our front yard looked like. There were also good bags sitting on the front porch for each of the girls. Thanks Tonya....you are soooo sweet!
This was just before Skyler noticed that the Easter Bunny had hidden real eggs in the house. After this picture they were both running around like wild animals gathering the eggs in the house.
Bad pic but...Skyler and Madison got bunnies for Easter...One black and one white so that don't fight over whose is whose.
Sure she looks sweet but two seconds later she was holding the bunny upside down and running. :o)
Skyler LOVES her bunny and she is so gentle with him. Her bunny actually likes her to, he will come to her if she walks away and sit down.
Skyler has been doing really well in softball this season. She hits entirely off coach pitch and I can't even remember the last time she struck out. She is also getting confident enough to put some meat behind it and almost all of her hits are going into the outfield. Actually tonight she hit a GRAND SLAM!!! Totally awesome....everyone stood and cheered for her. I was soooo proud of her that even though I am the coach and I was supposed to be pitching, I ran off the field and gave her a big hug and picked her up and swung her around! I couldn't help it....I was a proud mommy. The down side to coaching is that I can't take pics of the games. These are the only two pictures that I have gotten so far.
This is just a funny one of Madison. She game in the office tonight dressed like this while I was working on my blog. Silly girl....dress up clothes and a helmet. NICE!
I haven't posted this yet but Skyler has been riding her bike with no training wheels for a few weeks now and she is doing pretty good. She is still a bit wobbly and scared on her "big bike" but she's getting it.


jeanna said...

cute pics girl. madison hit her first home run while i was in texas last time, it was an inside the park home run too. i was very proud and she is just my niece.

Courtney said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I was way behind on my blog, too! It's that darn fb that takes up all the time! :)