Thursday, April 2, 2009

You guys are AWESOME!!!

Hurray! I made it to my donation goal of $1,800. Actually a bit over....$2,100. Thanks to all that helped support me and the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation! You guys are awesome!

All those that helped me reach my goal:
American Coatings
GNC Motors (Greg and Candy)
DW Cloyd Construction (Bill)
Lynn Kutina
Billy and Anita Nixon
Eddie Alldredge
Frank Messer
Jennifer and Johnny Heaton
Terry and Kay Howell
Butch and Angie Cloyd
Mike and Evelyn Doss
And many cash donations from my fellow co-workers that all added up!

Again Thanks So Much for supporting so a deserving cause!!!! You guys did your part now it is time for me to do mine! Walking the 27 miles! I will let you know how it goes. :o)


jeanna said...

congrats on raising all the money. i can't wait to hear about the 27 miles, i run about 15-18 miles a week, but i don't know about 27 miles in one day.