Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st Place Red Raiders 2009

Our softball team got 1st place this season. The girls were so excited when we learned the news that it was first place. If you recall the beginning of the season I signed up to be the assistant coach and ended up being the coach after coach Cody could never make it to any games or practices. He is a very busy man. I actually discovered that I enjoyed it and think I might sign up to "officially" be the coach next season. At the party the parents and kids gave me a gift card to Chilli's and a really cute tote that had our team name and some softballs sewn on the front and the girls had all signed their names on the back. Sooooo sweet!!! The girls did real well and Skyler really seemed to step up this season, showing that she is starting to understand the game. Here are some pictures from closing ceremonies and our party.
McKayla, JoLee, Skyler and Madison.
Showing how tough we are. :o)
Getting our silly out.
Ok... not a bad team photo for 4, 5, & 6yr olds.
left to right: Skyler, Jenny, Tayla, McKayla, Jessica, Emily, MaKenzie, JoLee
Skyler with sisters Tayla and Jenny
Skyler getting her trophy
This season was the first time that she noticed that the 1st place trophy is bigger than all of the other trophies. She was very proud of herself and her team.

Skyler saying goodbye to Stoney...the coaches son who she was very fond of and shared the same birthday with.

Skyler has a trophy collection shelf and when we got home, her and daddy ran up-stairs to place the trophy on her shelf. She was very fast to say "pretty soon you are going to have to build me a bigger shelf, daddy". :o) We are both very proud of her.