Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Time in Texas

Spring time in Texas means it goes from cold to hot almost over night. Don't get me wrong, we are LOVIN' the warm weather. No matter what the girls seem to be doing these days they are almost always doing it outdoors. From swiming, to playing in the sprinkler, playing in the playscape fort, to hunting grasshoppers, they are enjoying Spring Time in Texas. (eventhough it may feel like Summer) :o)
Ok....I have a confession....I could not find the matching top and bottom to Madison bathing suits so she ended up being with this. Oh and why are her panties still on under it??? Who knows. It seems her mom should have caught that but no telling where she was. HA!
So she wasn't outside in this next picture but I had to post it because I swear her eyes change colors all the time. I often say her eyes are like a mood ring, the color changes with her mood. Now, if I can only figure out what color means what mood we will be alright.
Look at Skyler swim! She is floatie and life jacket free! She is swiming all over the pool with her very finely tuned skill of doggy paddle with a dash of underwater swiming. Just try throwing something in the pool and dare her to swim to the bottom and get it. She begs for it like a dog begs for a ball to be thrown. :o)
Ok....note to self....freshly cut grass, sprinklers and little wet running feet is a recipe for some very messy grass covered children. You think you know but you don't....when taking off Madison bathing suit, about 3 hours after washing of the what seemed like glued on grass from head to toe, we discovered that there were grass clippings stuck all over her nether regions.
Nothing says spring time like a good ole' fashion bug hunt!
Awww....there it is!!!! And as stated before Skyler LOVES anything that is living. She is not picky, bugs, worms, cats, dogs, snails, chickens, grasshoppers, and yes I said worms!


jeanna said...

Looks like lots of fun girl, is that your pool at your house, beautiful!