Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where does time go?

So it seems that i just realized that my sweet little daughter will be 7 next month. SEVEN???!!!! What on earth? Really? I am totally shocked by the thought of her turning seven. I don't know why but that sounds way to old. I am having a really hard time with it and can't stop wondering....where does time go?

I am glad to have my photos because there is so much that I would forget if I didn't. It may seem that I take too many photos or post too many photos, but I will never have these days back and MUST document them forever on film. Our memories will eventually fade but the photos will last forever. Also, I hope that my daughters will look back and read this blog from when they were children and know how much they were loved. I pray that this blog serves as a reminder of all the great things and events that happened in our family. A reminder of a life that was lived and loved.

So Skyler turning seven is showing to be a hard age for me to accept. You would think she is leaving the nest to go off to college or something. Why is this age so hard for me??? I don't think I will ever know but one thing is for sure...I don't want my children to grow up! I embrace every minute of their lives and never look forward to tomorrow. I feel that if you are always looking forward to tomorrow, or when they crawl, or walk, or talk, or dress themselves, then you miss all the special things that are happening today. I fully enjoy today and hate when tomorrow comes because that is one day closer to them getting older and not needing me as much. The love that I have for them is an endless unconditional love that comes from somewhere so very deep inside me.

I love you Skyler and Madison!!!

Love Mommy