Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foreseeing Excitement, Entertainment & Exhaustion

I am foreseeing some excitement, entertainment and exhaustion with Skyler's up coming 7th birthday party. So far we are expecting 7-9 girls at the 24 hour swimming/slumber party and Skyler could not be more excited! As for me....well I am excited for her....not so much for me. :o)

She has had sleepovers every since her 4th birthday and I know what to expect. Here is what the party will entale....

giggling, squealing, jumping, singing, arguing, loving, playing, crafting, swimming, eating, running, and VERY little sleeping.

Ohhhh....poor me....but I am super excited for Skyler and her friends. It is well worth it for one day a year, right? At least that is what I keep telling myself. {grin} I will post some pics after the party...that is unless I get trampled by a million 6 & 7 year old's. LOL! Keep me in your thoughts. :o)