Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new hair cut

I have been debating for a while if I should cut Skyler's hair again. Her hair is very healthy but if left unbrushed for a while it gets a bit stringy looking. So we decided to go for it. Here is what her hair looked like before cutting it...granted it is after a good brushing too.

I was thinking a little shorter, like a cute little bob would make her look "cute and sweet". Oh was I surprised what it did to her look. It made her look older. :o( Totally the opposite than I was going for, but it sure looks cute. It just makes a momma sad to see her daughter growing up before her eyes and seems almost overnight.

She LOVES IT! I guess she was a little excited since the next morning on the 2nd day of school she came down in my room fully dressed in the below outfit that she picked out saying, "momma wake up it is time to get up" I rolled over to look at the clock, wondering why I had over slept, to see it was 4:30AM!!! I told her to go back to bed and that I didn't even care if she slept in her clothes.... just go back to bed. Crazy Girl! :o)

And Seriously...whay happen to my baby? She is growing up so fast and I am in shock! I want her to stop. I guess I am going to have to except it that she is no longer a little girl anymore. {sniff, sniff, tear}