Monday, October 19, 2009

Dust Settling

Now that the dust has settled, life seems to be moving forward. There were a few days where life seemed to stand still and it was like I was looking in on someones else's life. Now that I have fully accepted that I am pregnant again and there will be another baby in this house, life is good and I am back in my own skin. :o)

The girls have been great about this and the love and support that we have been getting from friends and family has been WONDERFUL. Thank you all so very much.

Schuyler's grandmother Maida who was ill has passed away. It was and is a very sad...I think it made it a little more sad for Schuyler since this was his dad's mother. His dad died in a motorcycle accident a year or so before we met. So I was never able to meet him, nor was he able to meet his grandchildren. So when Maida got ill and the talks of her not making it through this, the flood gates opened for Schuyler.

It brought back thoughts of his dad, his dad death and life since. I know that god has a time, place and plan for everything but some times his plans don't mix with ours. Both of our father's passed away before we met each other, so it is a little heart breaking when we think about what our fathers have missed and what we have missed. So please keep Schuyler and his family in your prayers as I am sure they need them at this time.

Last year I decided that Halloween start the "Happy Days" It is not part of the Holidays but October is a fun month for the kids so we started saying that this is the start to the Happy Days. The girls are really looking forward to Halloween and I am sure they will have a blast.


lucylucia said...

I'll include your family in my prayers, Shelly. And yes, Halloween is the beginning of the happy days! I am waiting until the 2nd week on November to put my christmas tree up - I would do it sooner except that I know I would look like a lunatic! :)