Monday, November 9, 2009

Trip to Daingerfield

We took a trip to Daingerfield, TX this past weekend with Schuyler's family and had a great time. For some reason I never took my camera out but there sure were some times when I wish I had it in had. One big one was... While forging through the woods in hunt for a survey marker, Madison started telling me that she had to go potty. We were very far from the road and the truck so I asked her to hold it. Well, apparently that was not a good idea...she wondered off a little later and I discovered she had pottied in her panties. As I got closer to her I soon realized that horrid smell was coming from her. guessed was #2 and pretty bad!!! She hasn't had one of those accidents in a VERY LONG TIME. I yelled for Schuyler to come help and he said strip her down throw the panties away and put her in the little creek we pasted a little while back. So there she was, my little princess naked in a creek in the middle of the woods. While daddy and I watched out for critters and such she washed herself....then I guess it became fun and she asked "mommy can I stay and swim"? It was a bad situation that ended up pretty funny and easily fixed. Oh but I wish I had my camera in hand to capture that moment. :o)

Once the sun started to go down we packed up and headed to Longview to stay the night with Schuyler's aunt and uncle. It was wonderful to have some homemade chili and a warm shower! Ohhhhh....I was in heaven after spending the day literally in the woods with the dirt, bugs, and sticker bushes. Thank you Jimmy and Stephanie!!!