Thursday, November 19, 2009

When life gets me down....I get to thanking.

When life gets me down, I get to thanking (not thinking) god for all of the things in my life that I am grateful for. Today started out as a pretty bad day so here I sit reminding myself of these things.

I am grateful for...

  • My happy and healthy family, when there are so many suffering with one or the other.
  • My loving and totally supportive parents who I am VERY close to and would be completely lost without!
  • My two little girls who may not always be perfect angels but are my gifts from heaven.
  • My new little miracle in my growing tummy who we await to meet.
  • My husband who I love unconditionally.
  • My perfect for our family house.
  • My entire family who is rather large but still lives so close to each other.
  • My job at a time when not everyone has the option.
  • My photography, it may not be a huge money maker at this point but I get to enjoy my passion.
  • My mother-n-law who always seems to know exactly how to support our marriage and always willing to help when needed.
  • My husband's family who is so close knit and has always made me feel so very welcome.
  • My best friend Crystal who is always a phone call away. A friendship of about 10 years where we can go months without seeing each other but talk almost every day.
  • My relationship with god, although I am not a "perfect Christan", I have my own personal relationship with him that is perfect enough for me.
  • My life! The fact that there are times when money is tight or bad things happen causing me to get upset or depressed and all I have to do to feel better is to make a mental list such as the above to make it all better.

I employ you all to do the same when you are having a bad day. Just sit down and get to thanking. No matter how big or small your list is...there is a list and focus on that.


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Awe you are too sweet and I am thankful for you too bff, because I know you are there for me no matter what!

<3 Crystal

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