Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This and that

In case you did not know...Skyler was one of the top 5 sellers in her school's fundraiser this year. The top 5 were awarded with a limo ride during lunch to a local pizza place for lunch and then back to school. Skyler LOVED her limo ride and as they were getting in the limo all of the other kids in the school were watching out of the windows as they were heading to lunch and ooh'd and aww'd. They were jelous. :o) It was great to see the school reward the kids with something different and something that will stick in their memory bank for a long time.

Madison and I took a small trip to a park with our happy meals the other day. It was cold but she enjoyed "having a picnick" outside. :o) Madison is one of the happiest little girls you'll ever meet....granted she doesn't much sit still very long. LOL! But I sure love her enthusiasim for life.



Since we have not had time to get professional photos taken this year and we wanted something for our family Christmas cards so my mom came over late one evening and took a few photos. None were perfect but some were ok. These will be the last Christmas cards of our family of 4....geesh...a family of 5 sounds pretty scary to me. :o)

Pregnancy update...
Everything seems to be going pretty well so far with the pregnancy. I am about 16.5 weeks along and the tummy is showing a lot faster than the other two. According to the dr. that is all normal when you have had other children. I had some pretty bad headaches and some morning sickness but now it seems that most of that has gone. Oh but that doesn't mean smooth sailing by any means. I now have heart burn on occasion and achy legs from poor curculation to my legs. Oh the joys of pregnancy. :o) On the upside....we could not be more excited about the new baby and finding out next month if we are expecting a boy or a girl. I will be fine either way, the only thing that I am asking for is a healthy baby. It seems like I am starting to feel the baby move...I keep having to ask myself, "was that a twing or a kick"...but I think they are small kicks. The next Dr. visit is Dec. 31st for some bloodwork and normal monthly visit then it looks like the ultrasound will be around Jan. 28th or so.

Christmas is right around the corner and I am not done with shopping but I have faith that it will all come together. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.


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