Friday, October 15, 2010

Hayden is 4 Months old and has "bling"

It worked out this time that both Schuyler and I were off and able to take Hayden to her 4 month appointment.  It is wonderful that at this age they don't fear the doctor yet but I know it is only a matter of time before she will...she will start realizing that that is the place where she gets shots and pokes and prods.  This time she happily let them examine her while she reached for their faces and stethoscopes so we...scratch that...I decided that it was the right time to get her ears pierced since next time she may not be so happy.  Daddy happily stepped out of the room and the doctor began marking the spots on her ears where he was going to pierce, while oblivious to what was about to happen Hayden smiled, coo'd and touched the doctors face.  Then as they pierced her 1st ear there was a pause and she began to cry, he quickly pierced her other ear.  I picked her up and loved on her to which made her stop crying and I was able to see how stinking cute she looked with her new diamonds.....or shall I say bling.   :o)  Granted the pain did not stop there as she had to have 3 shots but Hayden is tough and with the help of some mommy lovin' and her binky she was fast asleep and ready to go home. 
4 months stats:  11 lbs. 14oz. 15%  25.5 in. long 90%
So she is long and skinny

So please take a gander at my little beauty and her "bling".
After a few pictures mommy and Hayden laid down for a little nap.