Monday, January 21, 2008

Boys and their TOYS!!!

My husband decided he needed another toy so he got a 1978 Scout! He loves it!!! He is not sure what all hewants to do with it yet but he has a few options...make it a full on mudding vehicle or just a street vehicle, something neat to go to the beach in and such. It has the tires for the beach and the roof comes off, so that is pretty cool. My dad went with him to pick it up on Saturday and he got that "bug" too. When they pulled up he said "I want one" and on his way home he saw a 1988 Suzuki Samurai for sale and he bought it. (it looks like a jeep). Sunday morning it was like Christmas for the 2 of them they could not wait to get up and tinker with their new toys even though it was freezing outside!!! Here are some pics.

And a cute one of Madison!


Ronia said...

Thanks for writing this.