Sunday, January 6, 2008


Madison is ALWAYS into something. If she is quiet then she is probably doing something she should not be. Last night I busted her digging in my plant and throwing dirt on the floor and today when I was doing laundry I had all my towels on the floor folded and left the room for a minute, I came back to no towels??? And no Madison??? After looking for her I discovered she had helped me "so much" by taking them and throwing all of them in the bath tub...oh and there is more...she TURNED ON the water! Filling up the tub and soaking about 10 towels. Daddy thought it was funny but I did not see much humor in it. Then while getting on to her and telling her no no that is bad...she looks at me all sweet and says "I lu you". What I want to know is, who taught her that saying I love you would get you out of trouble! ?


Courtney said...

Funny! Madison's sad face with the towels is priceless! :)