Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

Well, Christmas 2007 has come and gone and all is getting back to normal. When you have children the holidays, especially Christmas are so much more enjoyable. I love watching my girls visit with family, play with their cousins, open their gifts and just truly enjoy childhood. Honestly, all that I really hope for these days is that Skyler and Madison have a healthy & happy childhood. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful marriage and family. Schuyler, I love you and look forward to many more years with you!!!
Skyler is really starting to understand the meaning of Christmas but we are still working on being grateful for gifts, even the ones that aren't so great! :o) It is hard to teach your 5 year old that...well, bluntly lie when asked if she liked the gift when she really did not. We all got those gifts as children that we didn't really like! So I am now faced with the challenge of teaching her to be grateful for all gifts as it was not the gift itself that you appreciate but that the person loves you enough to give you something. Teaching this to a 5 year old is not easy...thinking of the right words before you reply to questions is not easy, but hey, that is parenting right? My children didn't come with owners manuals and if anyone has an extra copy, please send me one. :o) But, other than that she had a GREAT Christmas. The highlight of her gifts was her computer from Santa. She loves it! Pretty soon babies will be issued laptops on their way out of the hospital from birth. :o)
Madison on the other hand loved everything! The highlight of her gifts I would say was her Dora toddler 4-wheeler. She sits on it pushes the button and goes everywhere...well, until she hits the wall or a tree or the bushes. She doesn't know she is supposed to turn. I guess that will come with time. Madison is such a sweet and loving baby that is growing up so fast. I can't believe she will be 2 at the end of this month!!!

Here are some pictures.

My mother-n-law got me tickets to take Skyler to see the Nutcracker and she loved it. She made a friend before hand. She left the show dancing and wanting to be a ballerina when she grows up. Thank you Lynn for the wonderful gift!

Isn't this the face of total excitement? Skyler and daddy got remote control trucks and she was so excited! See my grandma in her Christmas zebra print blouse? She is so hip!

Madison with her Santa hat cheesing BIG TIME!

Skyler and Schuyler on Christmas day. Not the best pic of dad but doesn't Skyler look so grown up? I think she looks so much older than 5 in this picture.

Madison and her 4-wheeler. She was so funny on that thing.

The girls int he back yard testing out their new toys!. Thank goodness for the fence or Madison would have ended up in the lake on that thing.

The girls looking at their Santa gifts Christmas morning...(well before daylight!!!)
These are the penguins that my sister Tammy made. Cream cheese, olives, carrots and toothpicks. Aren't they cute?

We wish everyone and Merry Christmas and
a Wonderful New Year!


The Bente Family said...

Cute pics, it looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!! The girls look so much like you!! You are right watching the kiddos makes Christmas that much more enjoyable. Happy New Year.

Courtney said...

Such cute pictures!! I had to laugh about teaching the kids how to be polite with presents...I need to teach my husband, too! Kyle's sister got Andrew a present that he already had and as I was telling her, "Thank you, he'll love it", Kyle blurted out, "He already has one of those!"

jeanna said...

What cute pictures. It really is fun to watch our children at Christmas, Karis wanted to open everyone's gifts including her own! I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas.