Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No place like home (again) / Smarty pants

There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!.....especially my BED!!! So, it seems my fear that Madison was getting dehydrated was correct. At the pediatrician on Monday he informed us that she needed to be hospitalized for a while to get her over this hump. We were admitted Monday thinking it was going to be a 24 hour visit and we ended up staying for 3 days! she was pretty dehydrated, running a fever, hurting and just not eating or drinking. They gave her fluids and steroids and she seems much better this afternoon. We are both glad to be out of that hospital. No more 9pm, 1am, and 5am visits from nurses or beeping machines for me PLEASE! Oh and as I have mentioned before "mommy beds" in hospital rooms are soooo NOT comfortable!

On to my use of "smarty pants" in my title.... Skyler has really impressed us all in her schooling. She got her report card today and she has been getting real grades. She got...
95 Reading (Expected reading level is 10 and she is reading at a 17!!!
93 Language
94 Math
95 Science/Health
96 Social Studies
Exceeds Expectations Comment in EVERYTHING.
There was even a handwritten sticky note from the PRINCIPAL in her report card that said...
"outstanding grades Skyler! Love Mrs. Craft!!!" We are so proud of her, she has totally earned another trip to the skating rink. WAY TO GO SKYLER KEEP IT UP!


Mammaw Vars said...

I am so glad Madison is home and doing better. I don't like to see any of my grandchildren hurting and unhappy. It is so nice to see her smile again!
Skyler is so smart and we are very proud of her. I know she will always make us proud.

The Bente Family said...

awwww, sorry Madison is having such a rough time recovering, hopeful the rough spot is over!!! Yay!! Skyler, can't wait to have her in my Jr. English class! Ha! She seems to be reading higher than some of my kiddos! (J/K)It is comforting to see kids getting excited about school and a parent supporting good work habits, because it seriously lacks at the moment among the older kids.