Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting out 2009

We wish everyone a Happy New Year. We welcomed in the New Year with fireworks and BBQ out our neighbor's house. Here are some pics of the girls watching the fireworks.

Well, it seems as though we are going to start this year out a little hectic. Here are a few things going on this month.

Schuyler takes a week long business trip, hopping from state to state in the company jet.
Skyler has some dentist appointments now that she has lost a tooth and the new one coming in is not coming in correctly.
Madison will have her tonsils removed, consisting of a pre-op visit, surgery that we have to be there at 4am for, holding her for a minimum of 24 hours afterwards for observation because of her age and her sleep apnea. (Have I ever mentioned how much I "love" sleeping in hospitals!?!) She is not allowed to return to daycare for at least week and will take 2 weeks to fully heal. Then a few follow up visits.
Madison will be 3 January 31st and we are planning a moonwalk party.


jeanna said...

It seems like you are going to be really busy, it just sometimes happens that way where everything happens at the same time.

Courtney said...

Wow, that's unbelievable about Madison! I hope that the time passes quickly for you and Madison heals with as little pain as possible. Keep us updated on how it's going!!