Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick Update

Both girls had doctor appointments today and I wanted to give an update.

We have noticed Skyler not listening to us when we talk to her then finally she started saying she was not, not listening, she can't hear very well. We cleaned her ears out and watched her a few days and it seemed to get worse. But today at the doctor we were told her hearing is fine and that what is going on is that she has "negative pressure" in her ears due to fluid from a cold and that it will get better in a few days or so.

Madison had an appointment with an ear nose and throat specialist today because she snores and doesn't sleep well anymore. The ENT said her tonsils HAVE to come out. They are WAY to big. So my baby will have surgery soon! :o( Poor her.


The Seelys said...

Sorry about the bad news!!!! Everything will be ok!!

vicky said...

Hey Shailey,
It is really very sad to know this but i/m sure they'll be perfectly fine.

Happy new year to you and your family.May this year bring lot of happiness and good health for your family.