Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

We had a whirlwind weekend. We had a large family get-together at my mother-n-law's house Saturday. Which I might add went very well. Thank you Lynn for all of the wonderful food and for somehow finding table seating for so many of us. It was nice to see the whole family and to see each of the children. They grow up so fast. Then church Sunday, shopping and a short but nice trip to my mom's to eat and visit with Tracy, David, Zach and Kaylie who came in from Florida. I wish we could have spent more time but with that being the last day that I could shop I had to take advantage of it. I am sorry that we were not able to stay longer mom but thanks for watching the girls for us for a few hours so that we could shop.

Madison getting some love from her grandmother

Skyler showing Uncle Jimmy her hula hoop skills

Madison and Aunt Linda

My niece Brianna all pretty in pink

My nephew Brandon showing some skin!
I can't leave out a pics of Casey. She LOVES to climb ladders so she followed me into the attic. Getting her down was not very easy!


jeanna said...

The dog picture cracks me up, that would so be my kids if I would let them climb the latter into the attic. Merry Christmas girl!