Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This and That

While in Mississippi we went to the local park that was close to a high school. As we were walking on the road next to the park Madison stopped and said "mommy...a CLUE!!!" Me not knowing what on earth she was talking about said "what, baby"? Then she ran over to the middle of the road and pointed at the local high school's paw print on the road and said "A CLUE" I finally realized....OH....BLUES CLUES! We all had a good laugh!

Yesterday I witnessed something cute, strange, and a little disturbing all at the same time....
I was dropping off Skyler at school and a little boy got out of a suburban 2 cars ahead of us and Skyler got all excited saying "that's Jeremy, hi Jeremy, Jeremy wait" I told her that he could not hear her from inside the car. We moved up in the car line as the little boy turned to wave to his mom who was driving off and he noticed Skyler waving hysterically from our car. So he waited for us to pull up, walked over to the car opened the door for her and said "good morning Skyler" she said "hi Jeremy" then turned to me and said "bye mommy I love you" he shut the door for her and then put his arm over her shoulder and they walked side by side with his arm over her shoulder all the way to the I am just watching kinda stunned while all the cars behind me I am sure were getting a little anxious for me to move. Then I watched him take his arm off and open the door letting her go in the school first. So I finally snapped and drove off! All I could think was that that was strange. Almost like little grown ups....and she is only 6!!! It was very gentlemanly of the little boy to do and I am sure he has been taught that by his parents but still they are only 6!!!! Schuyler said he wants to get his number and talk to him and his parents and see what his intentions are! He was joking but I am still a little...(lack of better words) freaked out by it.