Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eventful Week

This week it snowed...yes I said snowed in Houston! Since we don't see snow very often in the Houston area we all acted like children running outside to check it out. I wanted to let the girls play in it but Skyler had strep-throat and Madison was sick as well. Also, I am "the bed time Nazi" and am very adamant about the girls going to bed on time. I did take a few pictures of our picnic table before I went to bed.

On Sunday Schuyler and I got to go to the Texans Game. It was the Texans vs. the Titans it was a GOOD game. The Texans beat the Titans in a very close game. We had some AWESOME seats. We were right on the field and by the cheerleaders. Poor Schuyler was forced to watch them! HA! Right....he enjoyed every minute of it. I took pictures of the game and the players and he took pictures of the cheerleaders. :o) Below are some pics that I took... they really show how close we were.


The Bente Family said...

You got a bigger pile of snow together than I did!!! :) Hey, it is good to let the child come out every once in a while!!! John has been wanting to go to a Texans game sooo bad and Sundays game was Awesome!!!!!!!