Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out With the Bad

Happy Madison the night before her surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. We tried to prepare her but didn't tell her about the pain, so she was a little clueless. It was nice to see this smile as long as we could.
Not so happy Madison the morning of her surgery in the waiting room around 5:30am

Loopy Madison after her "cocktail" to relax her before they took her back.
Sad, pitiful, and disoriented Madison in the recovery room after the surgery, trying to come out of anesthesia.

Finally... in our own room. She was having trouble keeping her oxygen levels up so they had oxygen by her to help when she was sleeping. (she freaked out when they tried to put the mask on her) She was also having to breath through her mouth since the removal of the adenoids blocked up her nose.


Doesn't she look tiny in this room and bed?IMG_0684

She woke and had a red Popsicle, and tried to watch a movie...

She was still very groggy and nauseous from the anesthesia and the pain medicine so the movie didn't last long.

Poor thing, if she was awake she was crying or throwing up. When she was asleep her oxygen levels kept dropping so we would have to wake her a little, which she hated. They think it was partially due to her sleep apnea, the swelling in her throat making it hard to breath and the anesthesia still in her system.


We are home now and things are a little better today. She is still in pain but not crying uncontrollably like yesterday when she was doped up and groggy. She has eaten a little including soup, Popsicles and mac-n-cheese. (Some stay down) Poor thing has been through a lot and we are just trying to keep her happy and comfortable. They say that day 3 and 4 will be the worse since the numbing medicine in her throat and back of nose from surgery will wear off and she will feel it all. Thank you for all of the phone calls and texts of concern in the past 2 days.


Guen & Shane said...

Hope you feel better soon Madison.
Aunt Guen, Uncle Shane and Cousins Brandon and Brianna

The Seelys said...

So glad it is over!!!

Courtney said...

Oh, Shelley, how horrible! She looks so sad and little in that big bed! I hope she starts feeling better. What a precious little girl. It's not until they are sick and out of it that we realize how much we miss their energy and smiles. I hope this week goes easier for you guys!