Monday, February 22, 2010

I feel so grown up

I feel so grown up after this weekend.

This weekend both of the girls were off with different family members and I was able to focus most of my attention on my post-surgery husband. We were also able to have some grown up time.... Saturday evening by going to the movies, dinner, and then to the ice cream shop on our way home. Schuyler was limping a little more by that evening but he said he still enjoyed it. :o)

Then Sunday I was able to get a little more grown stuff done too. I got a lot of house cleaning done while the radio was on and the windows were open. It was so NICE and I was very proud of myself at the end of the day. I washed and actually folded, hung up and put away every piece of clothing at our family has. My mom and grandma would be so proud. LOL

I feel so grown up after this weekend. :o)