Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember that fork???

Remember when I mentioned a while back that you can still a fork in us because we are done?(having kids that is) Well, its official. Schuyler took one for the team and went under the knife this morning. He is now home sitting on the couch with ice packs while the remote, pain medicine, drink, phone, lap top and blanket are all within arms reach. He seems to be doing pretty well and in good spirits. I am jus so proud of him. :o)

I must admit though....while sitting in the waiting room by myself, just after they called him back, I had a brief moment of second guessing our decision and a little panic but as soon as thoughts of 3 proms, 3 college tuition's and 3 weddings set in, I was very quickly over that any doubt I may have had. :o) I am sure that from time to time, I will look back and wonder if we had tried once more if it would have been a boy. My desire for a boy is mainly based on the fact that Schuyler is the last male of his last name and that all daddy's want a little boy.

But, stick that fork in us, we are DONE! :o) Now, on to loving and being happy with the children and family that we have. I am looking forward to the life that has been laid out for us and the future ahead.