Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids say the Darndest things!!!

Kids say the darnedest things that can sure embarrass their moms.

While at a local grocery story, in a pretty long line, there was a rather large lady in front of us and Skyler happened to notice. She said (while pointing and speaking loudly) "Mommy, she needs to go on the Biggest Loser and she could win". I instantly wanted to find a hole and crawl in it. I bent down to Skyler's level and explained to her that, that was not nice to say and that it may hurt the lady's feelings if she heard her. Skyler was dumbfounded.

Then, I reluctantly stood back up and glanced in her direction to see if she was looking at us, but luckily she wasn't. My instant thought was, "whew...maybe she didn't hear". But I soon realized that a few ladies in line behind us had heard Skyler and were giggling and whispering about how kids speak the truth. That was not what I wanted to hear since that only meant that the larger lady must have heard the comment too.

Oh, it is awesome being a mom some times. :o)


The Bente Family said...

Don't they just open their mouths with impeccable timing!! I wouldn't be too embarrassed, you can't control what they are thinking or what they say, all you can do is correct it like you did!! :) Henry did the same to us, we were at a football game and this band girl came over and did not see him there and practically sat on him. As she got up to leave he turn to John and I and stated " That girl has a big butt!" Her parents were 2 rows in front of us. I was bright red, we told Henry you can't say thoughts like that out loud!! Kids, gotta love them!!