Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st week

Hayden's 1st week was a bit of a blur but here are some of the highlights from the week.

When she was born she weighed 6'15
When we left the hospital she weighed 6'5
At her 5 day check up to check her jaundice levels she weighed 6'10
At her 7 day check up she was 7 pounds, even and looking very healthy.
Weight 7lbs - 23%
Length 20 1/2 - 75%
Head 13 1/2 - 23%
She has so far been the easiest of my 3 children at this age.
She sleeps solid where I can vacuum around her and she doesn't even wake, she sleeps hours on end at night, 4-5 hours are normal and one night 7 HOURS!!! So wonderful for me. :o)
We went for a visit at my work and Schuyler's work where all the ladies just LOVED her and I began to wonder if they were going to give her back. {grin}
We also took a walk around the neighborhood which was nice for both her and I to get out of the house and get the blood pumping. Overall, Hayden's 1st week went really well...lets hope the rest are just as good.

Her 1st walk around the neighborhood
So I think Hayden and Madison look alike..what about you? Hayden on left and Madison on right about the same age.


The Jaspers said...

oh wow they look exactly alike!! So cute, Congratulations!!

lucylucia said...

They could be twins!!