Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear July....Hayden is 1 month old and we will be traveling

We are excited about the month of July - we are either brave or crazy (or both) but we plan on some pretty big outings in July.  For July 4th we plan on taking our annual trip to Schuyler's unlce Paul's house on Lake Tyler.  We have not missed a 4th there in about 5 years and we aren't letting a little thing like Hayden only being 4 weeks old stop us.  :o)  We are all pretty excited since we always have so much fun on the lake and spending time with family.  This will be the first time that any of them will see Hayden other than Lynn so I expect she will get a lot of snuggle time.  {grin}

Then two weeks after that we are heading to Sea World!!!  Wooohoo.  I haven't been to Sea World since I was a little girl and Skyler and Madison have never been.  They don't know what to expect but I know they will LOVE IT.  I just pray that Hayden does ok in a hotel room and in the heat.  We shall see.   :o)


The Bente Family said...

I wish the best of peacful travels!! I know how that can be, I head out on a 6 hour drive with just me and the boys by myself., Eeeek!!