Sunday, October 26, 2008

This and That!!!

Skyler got wonderful grades, perfect attendance and great conduct this last 9 weeks so we rewarded her with a trip to the skating rink with her friend Allyson. At my parent teacher conference the teacher said she is actually doing so well that she is reading and doing math at a second grade level. She even knows more words "by sight" than they have covered in class. The teacher said Skyler amazes her with her memorization...she said thinks she has a photographic memory. Pretty soon she is going to be smarter than me. :o)

I skated for almost 5 hours and my legs hurt SOOOO bad that night! But all that mattered was that Skyler had a good was well deserved. We love you Skyler and are so proud of you. Keep it up babe.

Doing the limbo

My mother-n-law is making the girls costumes again this year. They are going to be a ladybug and bumble bee. The costumes are looking great...thanks Lynn for all of your help. You are "The Best costume maker" I know. :o)

Me, Daddy and Madison made a trip to the Renaissance Festival and had a good time. I have been many times in my life but it never seems to get old....some of the people get more creepy but its still fun none the less.
Madison and I rode the elephant...I was scared and it stunk but Madison LOVED IT....she talked about it for days after that.

Daddy and Madison next to "a scary man" and Madison was clawing her way off daddy's shoulders wanting to get far far away! So funny.


The Bente Family said...

Your brave to get on the elephant!! ;) Looks like you guys have been having fun!!

Courtney said...

What a great mother-in-law! The picture of Madison scrambling to get off her daddy's shoulders and away from the monster is so funny!