Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Look at these two BFF's chatting away at breakfast like two little old ladies.  Erica and I are both so happy that they have each.  As Erica stated they have their own little language and know finish each others sentences.  LOVE!!!

This was posted on Facebook along with this photo by Erica.  (hannah's mom)
There's an unspoken language, almost resembling a dance, that best friends have. It's not choreographed, just effortless fallen into by two people who love one another and are so in sync. I have been fortunate to find this in a dozen or so amazing women (I can't tag you all so I am choosing not to tag anyone, but you know who you are) and it warms my heart to see it happen for Hannah. Over the past 24 hours I have watched her and Skyler complete each others sentences, giggle over things I have no clue about, share drinks without thought and much more. Thank God for best girl friends! <3