Thursday, May 5, 2011

My little sales girl

I am not sure if being a sales girl is something to "strive for" but if anyone has a natural ability to sale it is Skyler.  She just has it in her bones some how and trust me....she doesn't get that from me.  Just the thought of doing fundraisers a a kid made me cry.  But then again....I was very shy.

Every fund raiser that Skyler is given she excels at.  She begs me to let her go around the neighborhood selling.  Oh and she HAS to start the day that she is given it because "if I wait other kids will go to my normal houses and they will buy from them and not me"  UGH...really?!  She is crazy BUT she has a lot to show for her hard work.  I actually envy her and the fact that even in the face of rejection she says "thank you" and is off sprinting to the next house without even missing a beat.  Takes a special person to take rejection so well.  :o)   Every year with the school fund raiser she gets to do something fun because she is always one of the top sellers.

These are a few rewards that she has gotten for being one of the top sellers
Kindergarten was a pizza party
First Grade was a a pizza and moonwalk party
Second Grade a limo Ride to Double Dave's pizza
Third Grade (this year) a Hummer limo ride to Cici's Pizza (photo below)


Such a lucky girl to get to ride in a limo twice before her 9th birthday.  HA....I have never ridden in a limo....sat in many of them but never ridden.  Lucky girl who works hard for these special rewards.  I am soooo proud of her.