Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Day!!!

I have mentioned a while back that I have some changes coming....well....that time is getting closer.  I just got the word back that my request to go to semi-part time at work was approved.  It won't technically be part time but I will be getting off at 3:00 each day.  This will greatly help our family.  I will be there to get Skyler and Madison from school and will be able to get home and do homework and start dinner much earlier than normal.  Also, now with sports we seem to be always on the go in the evenings so getting home work and dinner out of the way before practices or games with be a HUGE HELP!  I can't tell you how happy I am that Schuyler and I finally feel comfortable enough to do this.  I will be sacrificing a little income BUT with Madison starting school and not having daycare costs for really helps.  As a mom....I know this will only be a good thing for me and the girls.  I will be there for them more when I am so used to relying on mamaw or friends or neighbors to help after school.  OMG.....I am so happy and at peace with this decision.  Thanks for my wonderful husband for helping to make this happen and supporting me in making this decision.  He's my love and my strength.