Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life Changes

It seems that I have just realized that life is changing around me be honest, life, I guess is always changing some good some bad, but I just wish it would stop.  I wish I could freeze time and enjoy it a little bit longer just as it is. 
Current changes, good ones, bad ones and just changes.
Skyler just finished 3rd grade
Madison will soon start kindergarten
Hayden is almost one
This will be my last, "first birthday" that I will ever have
Schuyler is about to start a new position within the same company
My mom and Walt are getting closer and closer to retiring and will soon start traveling in their new camper
My sweet mom has been having some health issues
My blessing from heaven, mamaw is 88 now
Mamaw had a heart attack yesterday
The thought of losing my mamaw, which will happen some day, scares and saddens me to no end.
Skyler (my oldest) is almost 9
In August I will be dropping in hours getting off at 3:00
Hayden is getting closer and closer to walking every day
I am 32 (gasp)
My mother-n-law and I have gotten a lot closer in the past year or so
My photography keeps me busy
My children and husband keep me busy
Our house is not always clean
Our laundry is rarely done and put away
I see family members struggle financially
I see family members struggle with happiness
I see family members struggle with health
I find myself miss my dad and wonder what kind of of relationship we would have today had he not passed when I was 16 years old.
I find myself loving my husband more and more on a daily matter how cleche' that may sound, it is 100% true.
We are planning a Disney Trip for next summer and realizing how expensive said trip is going to be makes me panic a little....but am super excited because I know that I have 3 beautiful daughters who will not only LOVE IT, they totally deserve it.  :o)
Schuyler and I have finally completed our wills after 7 years in the making.

Like I said....changes....some good, some bad some...just changes.  I guess that is life, but today, it's got me thinking.