Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hayden's 2 Month Dr. Visit

Hayden at 2 months is 9lbs. 9oz. (25%) & 23in. (75%)
Hayden took her 4 shots as well as you would expect any baby to, and it always breaks my heart to watch them in pain like that.  :o(  Developmentally she is right on track...smiling all the time, follows objects and sounds with her eyes and turns her head, and sleeping through the night. She has been (knock on wood) sleeping through the night for about a month now and I am LOVIN' it. The last 3 nights she has been sleeping from 10pm to 7am and that makes for a very happy mommy. :o) I am keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps it up, especially when I return to work the end of this month. She has been the easiest, most laid back and happiest baby of the three so far.
Here is my happy baby before her doctor appointment and shots.
Such a happy baby
Can smile at the drop of a hat.
Then she got 3 shots and one liquid immunization by mouth and.....
not such a happy baby anymore.  :o(
Ok, she calmed down with the help of the binkie and some lovin from mommy.