Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mommy, Daddy Date Night

Last night Schuyler and I got to go on a date.  We went to dinner, then went to see a movie (which we yawned all the way through because it was past our bed time) and then determined to prove to ourselves that we are not "old farts" we went out and had a few drinks before heading home.  I think mommy, daddy date nights are pretty important for the soul. 

It was a nice change to be able to hold the hand of someone other than a little girl.  Then when he placed is hand on my leg during the movie I felt like a giddy teenager again.  Then as we were walking out of the movie, he held the small of my back and I was in heaven.  Men....they can sure make a woman feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Can't they?

I love you honey.  Thank you for our date, it was nice to reconnect as a couple and not just mommy and daddy. -  At least for a few hours  {grin}