Monday, August 9, 2010

A movie that got me thinking

This evening I was watching a movie that was PG13 and thought it would be ok that Madison was in and out during the movie.  It wasn't a bad movie but it had some mature subjects.  So when she sat down with me towards the middle I thought it was ok for her to watch since most of the mature subject matters were over her head anyway. one point in the movie the mom kicked the dad was a bit of a dramatic moment which included their 6 year old son chasing the dad's car down the road as he left, while screaming, crying and begging him not to leave.  I quickly looked over at Madison who had tears in her eyes and I stopped the movie instantly.  She then looked over at me and started balling and said "I wanna go hug daddy" (who was in his office at that moment)  So we went and she hugged her daddy and told me that she didn't want her daddy to leave like that.  {tear}  We all three shared some hugs and a little reassurance to Madison that daddy wasn't going anywhere.

So this movie and that moment got me thinking.  Sometimes husbands and wives have challenging moments but I am so grateful that in my life and our marriage that there is NOTHING that would make us cause that sort of pain on our girls.  NOTHING!  I am so happy and it is so comforting knowing that our family life is so great.  Don't get me wrong...I know that we will have many bumps in the road and that things can change at the drop of a hat since in a marriage no one is 100% in control.  But I do know that I cherish every day and love my life, my husband and my children and I will do anything that I can to keep it this way.


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You think too much

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I think too much????