Sunday, August 8, 2010

What I see, hear, and feel from here

While blogging or working from home, I see many things and have many distractions.  Here are a few pictures of such things that I saw just yesterday.

A four year old who has been playing dress up and now needed help getting the dress off.  Doesn't she look lovely?   :o)

I then got distracted by this sweet little picture that the girls and I made daddy and thinking what the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years will be like in our house with 3 girls.

I then hear the giggles of two little girls who decided that it was a good idea to bring in the house a creature that they found outside.  Quickly followed by the screech of one who found out that it bites.
(pictures after I got them to pick it up off the living room floor, put in a tub, and take outside)

What is it???  Look closer...

Oh yes...a TURTLE.  Couldn't they have just found a lizard, or something normal???

Lets not forget that there is another little girl in this house who needs to be entertained and cared for while I what do I do with her while I try get stuff done on the computer?  Many things, but yesterday she spent it like this for a while.

Life as a mommy... it's so much fun!!!  {grin}